Project Description

The Platform Underneath


RunSmart was founded with a single purpose: to transform the data center infrastructure management of a global colocation provider by increasing efficiency and extending their environmental and business sustainability. Initially developed in 2008, the team was challenged to build a comprehensive management system with extensive connectivity to different data sources and protocols, old and new, across the company’s entire global footprint. The result was the beginning of an industry shaping solution to data center infrastructure management: RunSmart. In 2015, RunSmart Software was refocused to address the needs of a broader audience. The major overhaul that followed, transformed the product. This brought together a modern architecture and enhanced automated control while maintaining and building upon the key takeaways from its origin: Extensive Connectivity, Scale, Modularity, and Structure. This evolution was made possible by a controlled customer base test, and produced a world-class data center management software that fit the immediate and future needs of several leading industries. Today, our RunSmart server monitoring service is uniquely positioned and continues its success. Our proven track record speaks to our commitment to understanding our customers’ needs and to providing them with creative, forward-looking solutions.

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